Millions of travelers turn to trivago each month to find their ideal hotel. With thousands of properties to choose from and countless deals from hundreds of booking channels, how do you ensure your property catches the attention of travelers? This is where trivago’s PRO package can help.

The PRO package helps independent hoteliers, like you, gain a competitive edge over the competition on trivago in a cost-effective way. When you subscribe to trivago’s PRO package, you get access to three promotional and analytics apps that can help you have the right content, pricing strategy, and promotions to compete on trivago.

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What does trivago’s PRO package include?

These three apps are Visitors’ Profile, Rate Insights, and Special Offer. Let’s take a closer look at each of these apps.

Visitor’s Profile

Data is the most important asset for any business in today’s digital age and Visitors’ Profile will provide you exactly that – crucial data about your potential guests. It tells you your target audience so that you can stay focused on your target group at a manageable level. With a 30-day overview of traveler analytics, you can:

  • Find out up to ten countries where your potential travelers come from.
  • Learn what types of travelers have clicked on your hotel deals on trivago.
  • Know the booking behaviors of travelers, like their average lengths of stay.
  • See a comparison of analytics on five similar properties to yours.

Rate Insights

If you want to increase your revenue by setting competitive rates through smart pricing strategies, then Rate Insights is for you. Rate Insights is trivago’s rate shopper, and it’s designed to make complex data on rates easy to understand. With this app, you’d be able to:

  • Compare your room rates on room types (with and without breakfast) with up to five of the competitors on up to eight booking channels.
  • Check the lowest rate in the local market, as well as the highest and lowest across all markets.
  • Evaluate traveler demand on trivago for properties in your area.
  • Assess rate fluctuation up to 90 days in advance, or a look back on the last 90 days.

Special Offer

With Special Offer, you can enjoy more opportunities to stand out in travelers’ search results by promoting your property. The offer will appear on your profile on the trivago website so that your profile stands out in trivago search results. Not only this, your contact details will appear prominently next to your offer on your profile. With this app, you can:

  • Publish an offer in over 30 languages across trivago’s 55 localized websites
  • Choose an offer from a wide variety of pre-written templates ranging from free and discounted services and amenities to nice gifts.
  • Specify if there’s any condition, like a minimum two nights’ stay, and set the expiration date for up to 90 days.
  • Enjoy more exposure and greater customer reach with the Special Offer tag on your profile.

Make sure you have the right content, pricing strategy, and promotions to compete on trivago—all with one cost-effective package.

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Is trivago’s PRO package for me?

If you’re a hotelier who is struggling hard to make a mark in the digital world or if you’re a hotelier who wants to reach more travelers, then PRO is for you.

The PRO package gives you instant access to the data you need to sharpen your decision making. It also helps you effectively reach, entice, and win over travelers. Thus, with trivago’s PRO package and its mix of analytical and promotional apps, you can ensure more visibility and bookings.

How can I start PRO?

You can learn more about the PRO package and how you can take your business further with it by clicking here.

You can then easily manage your subscriptions – including cancellations and renewals – by simply logging in to your Business Studio account.

Here, you’ll also learn about the customized cost of your PRO package. The flat rate of the subscription to the PRO package, which includes Rate Insights, Special Offer, and Visitors’ Profile, is tailored to your property based on its size and the traffic it receives on trivago.

For any questions and/or doubts, reach out to us. Here’s how you can contact trivago if you’re a hotelier.

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