What content to post is, like most things with social media, a case of “well, it depends”. But there are some content ideas which work across the board – whether you’re a hotel, or an IT company. Let’s discuss.


Regardless of your brand or size, make sure you’re posting pictures and videos of people – your team (even if it’s just you), your customers, or whoever relevant. Why? Because when people see people, it catches the eye and builds emotional connections.

If you’re a hotel, café, restaurant, or similar brick-and-mortar business, there’s a chance your followers will have had an encounter with the person you’re posting about. For example, maybe they were your waiter at a restaurant, which increases the chance you’ll engage with that post if you remember them. In our reporting, we see the ‘people posts’ performing well every month.


Every brand is based somewhere. Post pictures or videos of your city/town/village and you can achieve two things: reach a wider audience (those looking at the destination, not just your business topic), and you’ll also make it obvious where you are based.

As destination posts often reach a wider audience, you might find they perform well compared to your other posts.


It’s a poorly-kept secret that audio, and specifically podcasts, are the latest trend in social media.

First it was a post with text; then it was text alongside an image; then it was video; now it’s audio, and, most commonly podcasts. A podcast exists on everything – from politics to football, and everything in between.

Podcasts, whether it’s 20 minutes or 120 minutes long, can be consumed when working, walking, on the tube, or, my personal favourite, when you’re enduring those long and annoying airport queues. This is one reason they’re so popular – you can download a podcast through the podcasts app and listen without WIFI or signal.

While you can’t post a full podcast on Instagram, you can post snippets of it on your feed, with a direction to the ‘link in our bio’ for the full version. Try promoting your podcast through your social presences with paid social, and your business network.

This post originally appeared on the Founders Media website and is reproduced with their permission.

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